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12 December 2018, Eindhoven (NL) – Today an interview of Mauro Parravicini about the future of Eindhoven and the study by Urban Arcipelago “Stad van de Toekomst” (City of the future) after the initiative of BNA, Ministerie IenW, Municipalities of Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht and TU Delft has been published on ED. Here is the link to the article. Image © Urban Arcipelago. 


30 November 2018, Amsterdam (NL)The city of the future is integrated, adaptable, resilient, connected, inclusive towards nature and peopleToday we presented our vision for the internationale Knoop XL in Eindhoven, in the frame of the Stad van de Toekomst (City of the Future), an important event for the future of the Netherlands, organized by BNA, Ministerie IenW, Municipalities of Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and TU Delft, where a community of designers, advisors and policy makers have been envisioning the future of our cities. 

This vision is the collective work of Urban Arcipelago, a team created in 2016 by Mauro Parravicini (architect, teacher, Mauroparravicini Architects), Marta Roy Torrecilla (architect, Kartonkraft), Francesco Garofalo (landscape architect, Openfabric) and Kai van Hasselt (urban strategist, Noha) including Marcel van Lieshout (mobility specialist, MoveMobility), Michel Visscher (civil engineer, Royal HaskoningDHV). Image: Urban Arcipelago. Image © Urban Arcipelago. 

181127_3D MP

27 November 2018 – The Hague (NL) – Today we presented our vision for a Nature Inclusive Building. Thanks to the initiative of the Municipality of The Hague, Afdeling Stedenbouw en Planologie, we had the chance to study the inclusion of birds, insects, plants, bats and even worms in the renovation of the Savornin Lohman building in The Hague, for the setting up of a point system to inspire the realization of nature and green inclusive buildings.

In a time of growing urban population there is a strong urge to contribute to biodiversity also within our buildings. As architects we can play a role, especially if we listen to ecologists, when we design green buildings, by avoiding to just limit our intervention to a green facade or a green roof. We have a great chance: the one to create a new biotope.

In order to design this new vision we made use of the precious advice of Martine van Oostveen, ecologist (Royal HaskoningDHV). Other collaborators: Michiel Visscher (Royal HaskoningDHV), Edwin Bos (Rred communication), Mostert de Winter, green roofs and facades, Ruoning Ni (Mauroparravicini architects). Image © Mauroparravicini Architects BNA.


21, 22 September 2018 – Venezia (Italy) – Mauro Parravicini as representative of the multidisciplinary team “Urban Arcipelago” (Openfabric, Mauroparravicini Architects, Kartonkraft, Noha, Move Mobility, Royal Haskoning DHV), will present in a workshop at the IUAV, Faculty of Architecture and La Biennale a study on the “City of the Future: Eindhoven Fellenoord, a global village” (commissioned by BNA Onderzoek, TU Delft, Ministerie Infrastructuur en Waterstaat, the Municipality of Eindhoven) to investigate the spatial consequences of future scenarios for the city of Eindhoven. The study is ongoing and will be concluded by the end of 2018. (image by: Openfabric).


a moment of the re-opening of the Community center in Kampen. Full video: RTV Ijsselmond

24 February 2018 – Kampen (NL) – Our concept for the renewal of a community center in Kampen has been presented to the residents and to the Municipality of Kampen in a festive opening where prototypes of our ideas have been realized and tested. Very positive reactions came from the residents. This project is adding a new chapter in the long lasting engagement of our office for urban and social renewal, and is the result of a successful collaboration between mauroparravicini architects, Anne-Marth Kuilder (ministerie van onverwachte zaken), Willemieke van den Brink – Gouwentak (Echterontwerp), with the support of Gemeente Kampen and the Stimuleringsfonds. Website: ‘t Stralend Middelpunt (niets voor mij). Brochure: niets voor mij (collaborator: Michael Van Der Keur). Also in the news: kampernewsde stentorRTV Ijsselmond.

view 03

8 February 2018 – The Hague, NL – Today we presented our vision for Het Gasthuis van Welzijnour research for a new concept of social center for people living in problematic neighborhoods where illness, immigration and isolation generate exclusion. Our idea is to involve people and make them count for each other. Everyone has something to offer, everyone has some need. By creating our “care exchanger” we give people the chance to get to know each other and take care of each other. Our vision is available in a book to be downloaded via this dedicated website.  We strongly believe that public institutions should support this effort to create “preventive care” instead of financing post-illness assistance. Strengthened by the enthusiasm of the residents and the stakeholders, we are looking forward to the involvement of the municipality of The Hague to help this project become true! (illustration by Merle Flügge).


12 December 2017 – Kampen, NL – Fruitful co-creation session in Kampen with the residents of Flevowijk to design their new social center / buurthuis. Designing for people means also sharing time and ideas with them. We shared a dinner in the canteen and we listened with interest to their opinions: a truly participated design. With Willemieke van den Brink – Gouwentak (Echter Ontwerp), Anne Marth Kuilder (Ministerie van Onverwachte Zaken), Vivian Sonnega. Collaborator Michael van der Keur. (Photo Willemieke van den Brink). See website: ‘t Stralend Middelpunt

171102_het gasthuis van welzijn page1.jpg

1 November 2017 – The Hague, NL – Het Gasthuis van Welzijnour research for a new concept of social center for fragile people is now available online to be downloaded via a dedicated website. A paperback book edition will be soon available on request. Initiated by Mauro Parravicini and Laura Alvarez, it contains a sketch design for an existing location in The Hague, Laak. It has been realized thanks to a grant by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie in partnership with Xtra Welzijn, Florence, Staedion. Many thanks to Bram Dierckx, Bloeme Brusse, Jevon Mathew who gave important inputs on the conceptual approach to light care! credits


09 June 2017 – Rotterdam, NL – During the “Rotterdam Daken Dagen” we presented our “Groundscraper”, a visionary tower designed for the development in height of the city of Rotterdam in the site of the former GGD building, owned by the City of Rotterdam and the developer AM. This study is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Mauroparravicini, Kartonkraft, Noha, Openfabric under the common name of “Urban Arcipelago” together with Royal HaskoningDHV. On top of the existing buildings is placed a “sky-plinth”. It is an ode to the ‘Rotterdam layer’ at 25 meters height, and it adds a new typology to the Rotterdam high-rise vocabulary.

In this study our team shows how the engineering process of topping up existing buildings can dramatically improve the density and potential of the city without breaking down the existing fabric of Rotterdam. Thus, the new layers of the building are literally built on top of the existing structure instead of removing its history. This method is possible because of the direct and two way interaction between engineering, architecture, and urban research. This mix of practices allows for new perspectives. The use of wooden and steel structures as well as a thorough analysis of the potential of the site has led to this innovative solution.

The book “Licht Verdicht” containing our study is for sale here: BNA



May 2017 – Rotterdam, NL – With the presentation of the book “Licht Verdicht” we introduce our new think tank Urban Arcipelago created by Mauro Parravicini (Mauroparravicini Architects), Marta M. Roy Torrecilla (Kartonkraft), Kai van Hasselt (Noha), Francesco Garofalo (Openfabric), a creative collaboration addressing urban, territorial and social challenges. The three projects “Downgrading to Upgrade”,  “De Groundscraper”, “Archipelago of Knowledge” (here below) are the first achievements of our multidisciplinary teamwork (photo by Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian). 

Urban Arcipelago_Night view from North

11 May 2017 – Rotterdam, NL – The book “Licht Verdicht”, edited by BNA Onderzoek has been presented at the Het Nieuwe Instituut (HNI). The book contains the study “De Groundscraper” for the development in height of the city of Rotterdam in the site of the former GGD building, owned by the City of Rotterdam and the developer AM. This study is a collaboration by Kartonkraft (Marta M. Roy Torrecilla), Mauroparravicini (Mauro Parravicini; interns: C. Sironi, E. Risdonne), Noha (Kai van Hasselt), Openfabric (Francesco Garofalo) under the name of “Urban Arcipelago” together with Royal HaskoningDHV (Michiel Visscher, Maurice Hermens). The book is for sale here: BNA  (image by Kartonkraft).


15 February 2017 – Delft, NL – The book “Snelweg X Stad – The future of the urban ring road”, edited by BNA Onderzoek has been presented at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft) by Mauro Parravicini. The book contains the study “downgrading to upgrade” for the A20 Rotterdam Ring, a collaboration by Openfabric, Kartonkraft, Mauroparravicini, Move Mobility, Noha. The book is for sale here: BNA  (image by Openfabric).


February  2017 – Ronago, Como, Italy – Our new housing / commercial project in Italy, between lake Como and Switzerland, is almost concluded. This building of four apartments and a dentist practice is designed with a sustainable, nearly zero energy, construction (in collaboration with M. Ghielmetti). Collaborators: Matteo Meschiari, Erica Pellegrini, Eraldo Brandimarte, Michela Cristofani, Riccardo Pellizzari, Claudia Muzi, Emanuele Risdonne, Carolina Sironi, Andrea Stevanato. More info on: divisare.



January 2017, Rotterdam (NL) – Mauroparravicini architects in a multidisciplinary team with Openfabric, Kartonkraft, Noha, Move Mobility, just delivered the study “Archipelago of Knowledge” commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam in collaboration with Delta Metropolis and Erasmus University to investigate the spatial consequences of future economic and environmental scenarios for the harbor of Rotterdam. Here the final report: maritieme cluster


December 2016, Rotterdam (NL) – Mauroparravicini in collaboration with Kartonkraft, Royal Haskoning DHV, Noha, Openfabric just delivered “Licht Verdicht”, a study for the future extension in height of the city centre of Rotterdam commissioned by BNA onderzoek, Gemeente Rotterdam, AM, Ibelings van Tilburg architecten, Manhave Vastgoed, NL ingenieurs, Maarsen Groep. Our study focused on the GGD building by integrating residence, public program and offices in one building set up as an “horizontal tower” with impressive large roof gardens, an high rise public layer with swimming pool, theatre, restaurant and kindergarten in direct connection with the subway underneath.


text copyright De Architect, Laura Alvarez, Mauroparravicini.

September 2016, The Hague (NL) – In the Dutch architectural magazine “De Architect” Laura Alvarez describes the ongoing research project of Mauroparravicini, Laura Alvarez architecture, in collaboration with Xtra Welzijn, Florence, Staedion for a new concept of a “care center for wellbeing”. Further information on the website of de architect and our blog dedicated to this project. Collaborators within Mauroparravicini architects: Jaap Le, Matteo Meschiari, Emanuele Risdonne, Carolina Sironi, Andrea Stevanato. Text editing and research: Laura Alvarez, Mauro Parravicini, Willem Wopereis, Bram Dierckx, Dirk van der Schans, Jevon Mathew, Bloeme Brusse.


July 20th, 2016, Como (I) – Piazza Grimoldi, a central square in the city of Como, has been officially open in a festive public event by the mayor of Como, Mario Lucini, and the city councilors Lorenzo Spallino and Daniela Gerosa. The design has been downscaled and partially altered during the construction site, but the main goal of the team of Mauroparravicini, S. Seneca, A. Gerosa, M. Prestini, S. Simeone has been achieved: to create a place of social gathering and cohesion, a moment of rest in the busy city, an attraction  for tourists and mostly a return to pedestrians of a square that was (ab)used as parking lot until few months ago. In the bottom part of the image one can read the real project achievement: people sitting, enjoying and finally owning the space (Photo: Mauro Parravicini). Collaborators: Eraldo Brandimarte (competition), Matteo Meschiari, Riccardo Pellizzari, Claudia Muzi.

160629 33

June 29th, 2016, Delft (NL) – The multidisciplinary team of Mauroparravicini, Openfabric, Kartonkraft, Shinsekai Analysis, Move Mobility, presented the final result of the research on the A20 highway in Rotterdam in a seminary at the faculty of Architecture TU Delft. With the approaching scenario of a traffic reduction and electrical self-driving vehicles, new functions can find place along the highway relinking the inner city to the outer one, by adding quality spaces for leisure and residential use along the infrastructure. The research project is organized by BNA Onderzoek, TU Delft,  city of Rotterdam, city of  Amsterdam, city of Utrecht, province of Utrecht, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, Rijkswaterstaat. Further info: BNA website


Sample picture from the BNA Onderzoek website.

June 27th, 2016, The Hague (NL) – the team of Mauroparravicini, Royal Haskoning DHV, Kartonkraft, Openfabric, Noha, has been selected to present a study (launched by BNA onderzoek, AM bv, Ibelings van Tilburg architecten, Maarsen Groep, Manhave Vastegoed, NL ingenieurs, city of Rotterdam) for the extension in height of the existing post-war buildings in the center of Rotterdam (the “GGD” building on the Schiedamsedijk). The topic is challenging both engineering as well as programmatic issues. Such buildings are placed in the city center and often don’t offer space for a construction site. Moreover building 150 meters above an existing structure is a challenge in terms of weight and strength. Together with our top level engineering partner we are looking forward to deliver innovative solutions for the future development of the city of Rotterdam. More info: BNA website

thuis in de stad render

Above: 1. Interior view of a prefabricated wooden housing unit with integrated furniture.

thuis in de stad axo  Modello

Above: 2. axonometry of the modular housing unit. 3. Example of application on a generic existing tower with the black EPDM fully recyclable facade and wooden plug-in units.

June 27th, 2016, The Hague (NL) – the project of Mauroparravicini, “Thuis in de Stad” (At home in the city) for a prefabricated housing system for refugees in existing buildings has been selected by the jury of the competition “A Home Away From Home” for publication on its website between the most interesting submissions. The project is based on the idea to reuse the enormous stock of empty office buildings in the Netherlands by stripping down their facades and adding plug-in housing units made with CLT prefabricated wooden panels, dismountable and recyclable. Those panels are adaptable for different type of buildings. An EPDM waterproof recyclable facade finish protects the wooden temporary units from weathering. More details on Divisare.com. Collaborators: Matteo Meschiari, Michela Cristofani, Kelly Otter, Willem Wopereis.


June 23rd, 2016, Amsterdam (NL) – Our vision for the “highway and the city” has been presented by Mauro Parravicini at the Netherlands European presidency venue during the Network for Urban Vitality conference. The vision is the result of a collaboration between Francesco Garofalo (Openfabric), Marta M. Roy Torrecilla (Kartonkraft), Kai van Hasselt (Noha), Marcel van Lieshout (Move Mobility) and Mauroparravicini. Initiative of BNA, TU Delft, Rijkswaterstaat, Cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht. The final presentation will be held on June 29th at TU Delft, faculty of Architecture.


April 7th, 2016, Delft (NL) – The multidisciplinary team of Mauroparravicini, Openfabric, Kartonkraft, Shinsekai Analysis, Move Mobility, presented the first part of the research on the A20 highway in Rotterdam in a seminary at the faculty of Architecture TU Delft. The research project is organized by BNA Onderzoek, TU Delft, gemeente Amsterdam, gemeente Rotterdam, gemeente Utrecht, provincie Utrecht, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, Rijkswaterstaat. Further info: BNA website


March 2016, Como (Italy) – during the works for the renovation of Piazza Grimoldi in Como, designed by Mauroparravicini together with architects S. Seneca, A. Gerosa, M. Prestini, S. Simeone, under a layer of asphalt emerges a church of the 11th century together with human bones. The current works supervisor, arch. Seneca, is designing an alteration of the project to include the remains in the original design.


Above: living room and stairs in the void. Below: attic with the original existing structure.


Below: Void and balcony with bookshelf. View of the ground floor (photos Rene Louter).

CS8B5710y_2 CS8B5756y

February 2016, Rotterdam – We’ve completed the renovation of a private house from 1900 in Rotterdam. After the consolidation of the building foundations, we’ve designed a radical opening of the inner space by removing a floor structure and inserting steel reinforcements, a steel balcony and a minimal steel staircase. The facade towards the garden has been opened for maximum light(ness). The existing structures have been kept all around the void and the heritage of the building has been preserved by accepting the decadent look of the back facade and the attic walls. With a limited budget, we have transformed a typical low income row house into a unique interior. More info on divisare. (Collaborators: Matteo Meschiari, Eraldo Brandimarte, Riccardo Pellizzari, Doris Harding).


February 15th, 2016, Rotterdam – Mauroparravicini is selected to develop a vision on the A20 highway with: BNA Onderzoek, TU Delft, gemeente Rotterdam, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, Rijkswaterstaat, in collaboration with Francesco Garofalo (Openfabric), Marta Roy Torrecilla (Kartonkraft), Kai van Hasselt and MoveMobility. More info on the BNA website.

Seminar Building technology

February 2016, Delft – Since 2012 Mauro Parravicini is tutor (in charge for the Earth Wind and Fire group) within the Delft Seminars on Building Technology, department of Architectural Engineering at TU Delft, faculty of Architecture. The first publication of the students’ works (Ist quarter, 2015-2016) is now available. Course coordinator: Bas Gremmen. Chair: Thijs Asselbergs. Course held in collaboration with Ben Bronsema.

context (green trees)

31st January 2016 – Mauroparravicini unveils the competition design for the NEU museum in Vienna. Designed together with Kartonkraft (arch. Marta Roy Torrecilla) it features a “golden” roof containing the main exhibition room and a mirroring water pond concealing the large entrance hall and several functions underground. Within a context of many voices, or rather, noises, this project is tackling both the architecture of the Wien Museum and its setting in the Karlsplatz area by respecting the existing built and green environment. More info on divisare. (Collaborators: Matteo Meschiari, Claudia Muzi, Immanuel Tashiro; model maker: Laurens Kistemaker).


18th January 2016 – The project of Mauroparravicini, S. Seneca and A. Gerosa architects for two new squares (piazza Roma and piazza Grimoldi) in Como, Italy, is now completed. Works started on Monday 18th January 2016 and will conclude before the summer. Our aim is to provide new quality to a decayed central area in Como. For more info please check: divisare.


21st July 2015, Den Haag (NL) – Mauroparravicini and Laura Alvarez architects have been selected for a grant by the Dutch Funds for Creative Industry for a research on a new concept of temporary care residences. Laura Alvarez and Mauro Parravicini in collaboration with Jevon Mathew (real estate manager) and Bloeme Brusse (physician, psychiatrist) have developed a new research strategy for integrating care and wellbeing under the same roof (collaborators: Willem Wopereis, Matteo Meschiari). (Image from the Stimuleringsfonds website).

More info: het gasthuis van welzijn

img (1)


28th February 2015, Delft (NL) – The first train has arrived and passengers have landed in the new Delft Station hall designed by Mecanoo Architecten. This project of 28.000 m2, including the municipality offices above the Station, has been awarded with the Green Good Design Award 2010. Mauro Parravicini, who has been responsible for this project within Mecanoo in the years 2008-2010, is proud of having been a leading member of this important and highly sustainable design. This building, designed for maximum energy efficiency, uses 35% less energy than Dutch government standards. (images from Mecanoo website).

seneca_gerosa_parravicini_piazza grimoldi progetto 1°cl

64 - Como Piazza Volta - 11

September 22nd, 2014, Como, Italy – the team of Mauroparravicini, Stefano Seneca and Andrea Gerosa is announced winner of the competition for the public spaces of the city of Como. The winning project is about Piazza Roma and surroundings featuring a total amount of 800.000 euros. The second project, qualified at the second place, for the surroundings of Piazza Volta features a total amount of 700.000 euros. Both competition designs have been developed in team with the architects Stefano Seneca and Andrea Gerosa, supported by Marco Prestini, A. Simeone, and with Eraldo Brandimarte as design assistant. More info on divisare.


April 2014, Rotterdam (NL) – Mauroparravicini delivered the vision for an ideas competition for the redevelopment of the precious area of Lommerrijk in Rotterdam. The challenge was to combine a rentable development plan with its very sensitive and beautiful natural context. The result is an almost invisible colony of palafits fully respecting the local context. In collaboration with Inga Hilburg. Rendering: Eraldo Brandimarte. For further info please visit divisare.


November 2013, Rotterdam (NL) – De Rotterdam, a tower of 160.000 m2 designed by OMA-Rem Koolhaas is achieved. Mauro Parravicini, who has been project leader for this project in the years 2006-2007, is proud of having been part of this visionary project, the largest building in the Netherlands, and one of the largest in Europe (image from Dezeen.com, author Ossip van Duivenbode).


September 2013, Rotterdam – Mauro Parravicini is now guest teacher, tutoring graduation students at the Master in Interior Architecture and Retail Design at the Piet Zwart Institute (Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam). The Piet Zwart Institute is an international postgraduate programme dedicated to study and research in the fields of art and design.


September 2013, Ronago (Italy) – The demolition works for the renovation and reconstruction of an apartment building have begun. In the next few months a totally renovated building designed by our office (in collaboration with arch. Marco Ghielmetti) will be realized with high standard passive house solutions, GFRC prefabricated facade system, bronze plated window frames, and integrated roof solar panels.

stad van de toekomst - como

August 2013, The Hague, NL- Mauro Parravicini has been holding a workshop at the Museon museum in The Hague on the theme of the City of the Future (Stad van de toekomst). The session has been followed by several children with their parents. they have been invited to rethink the city of the future, in a condition of climate change, frequent floods, and less polluting vehicles. The children responded enthusiastically and they produced many floating buildings, towers on poles, or simply houses on the water. The case study chosen by Mauro has been Como in Northern Italy, and its lake, a city which often faces the risk of floods.

130514_Ronago update


May 2013 – Ronago, Italy – Our preliminary design for a new housing / commercial project in Italy, between lake Como and Switzerland, is just concluded. This building will host four apartments and two shops in a sustainable construction based on the principles of the passive house, durability of materials and flexibility of space (with Marco Ghielmetti). Collaborators: Matteo Meschiari, Erica Pellegrini, Eraldo Brandimarte, Michela Cristofani, Riccardo Pellizzari, Claudia Muzi, Emanuele Risdonne. More info on: divisare.


March 2013, The Hague, NL – #stadvandetoekomst The city of the future is the title of a new exhibition opening next July at the Museon in The Hague. Mauro Parravicini gave his contribution by taking part to a workshop about mobility. The Dutch magazine of bikers vogelvrije fietsers published an article on the meeting (link). Among other solutions, Mauro suggested a provocation: why don’t we put warning stickers on cars such as we do on cigarettes packages? Driving cars should be a pleasure, not a killing activity.


March 2013- Antwerp, Belgium – Mauroparravicini as consultant for Studio Canali, Italy, has just delivered the renovation of the facade signage of the Pinko shop in Antwerp, Belgium, using energy saving LED lights.

north view

February 2013 – Rotterdam, NL – Mauroparravicini delivered a feasibility study for a private villa in the countryside near Rotterdam. The property, located on three islands, surrounded by the water of an old canal and facing golf fields, is interpreted as a modern version of the traditional wooden barn house. The cost estimation has been prepared in collaboration with DrawinQ, a local technical advisory office. The image represents a sketch photocollage of the concept.

Bioarchitettura_77_pperspective 01sky

January 2013, Bolzano, Italy – The competition project of the new Provincial Administration Offices in Bolzano by mauroparravicini bv. with Marco Ghielmetti and Marta Roy-Torrecilla is now published in the italian magazine bioarchitetturaThe project is an example of a sustainable facade made of wood, modular, recyclable and responding to the local climatic conditions. Image © Bioarchitettura Rivista.

July 2012 – Ronago, Italy – This monumental farm built in 1885 in Northern Italy is our new challenge. The building needs a total renovation. We are looking for investors. There are various possibilities of development (housing, hotel, spa, agriturismo / holiday farm, and also new villas within the plot of 34.000 m2). Please click on the image above for more info (in collaboration with Marco Ghielmetti).

April 2012 – Bolzano, Italy – The project for the sustainable wooden facade of the Provincial Administration offices in Bolzano is delivered for the Premio Bioarchitettura in Italy. This element facade, prefabricated and recyclable, is acting as sun shading according to different orientations (designed in collaboration with Marco Ghielmetti and Marta M. Roy Torrecilla). More info on: divisare.

February, 2012 – Yaoundé, Cameroon – The competition design for the Swiss Embassy in Cameroon is delivered. The concept is based on two green courtyards hosting the offices and the residence of the Ambassador. The building is totally sustainable, based on prefabricated elements, natural ventilation with wind towers, photovoltaic cells on the whole roof surface. Deep colonnades and bronze metal sun shades are provided to protect the building from direct solar gain. (in collaboration with Marco Ghielmetti).

April 2012 – Ronago, Italy – We’re proceeding with the construction of a parking covered by a roof garden with a sloping swimming pool. The smooth concrete slab supporting the garden (see picture) develops as a folded and tapered wing ending with a thin edge. (in collaboration with Marco Ghielmetti).

Mar. 2012 – Milan, Italy – The recent interview of Mauro Parravicini on AL (Italian magazine for architects) is also available online: http://www.architettilombardia.com/al/A8DAA4A29D0146EB95910861E01CB69B.pdf


November 2011 – Delft, NL – Mauro Parravicini is now guest teacher at the Master of Architecture at the Technical University in Delft. He is tutoring master graduation students through different projects, from social housing to libraries, from new buildings to rehabilitation of the existing, focusing on details for facades and construction methods, with special attention to design integration for sustainable solutions.

Sept. 2011 – Voorschoten, NL – Mauroparravicini is selected winner of the competition for a villa in the woods near The Hague. The design creates full integration between the natural context and the house, not only by using wood, a natural, prefabricated and recyclable material, but also by the grand openings towards the forest which create a full experience of belonging (in collaboration with P. Janssens). More info on Divisare.

Como, piazza Cavour

2010, Como, Italy – Mauro Parravicini as project leader of the team of Mecanoo International has delivered the competition design for the waterfront of Como, a fully sustainable design based on an accurate analysis of the city, its lake and its urban context. More info about this project can be found on divisare.

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